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G4+ Storm Strain gearknob setup


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Hello everybody, finished installing a Quaife sequential box on the project Celica GT3 I take care off and installed a Holinger Shift cut gearknob HGK-S which has an analog and digital output and I used the analog to connect to an analog input on the Storm, I programmed it and the first issue it throws out a over voltage and under voltage error, I tried playing with the values and the error continues, so I simply didn't care about it. Then I turned on the options on the setup everything is clear for the top part, gear lever force I placed 100 on the gradient to be able to see the force increase on live view (N) and tried to setup with upshift force at a value of 50 after seeing the max value around 180, this is a NDBW throttle so we are just interested on the cut to be on the upshit the other setting we placed at the max -500 so it cannot be reached driver will do the blip and it didn't work we tried it and never made the cut I think the issue is on the tables, anybody could help me out. 




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Adam, I have sent a couple of emails without luck, can you please check your spam box? 


Hi Sama,

I have received no emails from you, junk, spam or otherwise.  You can PM me on this forum as an alternative if you wish.

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