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Intro and a couple questions


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Hey guys,
My names Rebecca and i'm the owner/driver of tinytank , Being Canada's only compound turbo Subaru this project has been a handful.
I"m very excited that link was willing to come on-board with the team to aid this build with the best possible ecu for us!.

We nearing the completion of my car(2004 subaru wrx) and need to wire in the following.

E85 flex-fuel(bought from link)
Air intake temp
5 bar map sensors
Fuel pressure and oil pressure(5v out from aem gauges)

I'm newer to this and looking for some guidance as I couldn't find any write ups

I'm assuming the E85 sensor needs direct wiring to the ecu., map sensor can be wired into the stock map sensor wiring. And the FP and OP go to 5v inputs on the ecu.

I'm wondering can I wire the air intake temp sensor to the stock maf wiring?



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Hi Rebecca & welcome.

You will find the help file is quite comprehensive and should help with most of your queries.  I will post some screenshots so you know where to find some of this info.  You didnt mention if it is a plugin ECU or wire-in but I'm going to assume plugin since it sounds like you're working with the stock loom.

MAP can just replace the original.

ECS; signal goes direct to ecu digital input:



IAT can go to the original MAF connector as you suggest:



Fuel and Oil press can go to any analog volt inputs.  This particular ECU doesnt have many spare, the easiest is probably Volt 11 & 12 on the expansion connector:


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Hello Adam,

Thank you for your reply.

I just dowloaded the G4link program this morning , I assume this is where you find this help section?

Also to add some more information, Yes i am using the stock PNP G4+ which is V7-9 Drive by cable not E-throttle

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