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Link ECU G1 Honda B16 stand alone ECU


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We have been running a Link G4 Extreme ECU on our shop car. Came across a listing on internet for "Link ECU G1 Honda B16 ECU".

 This is the image that was posted. Wondering what this ECU is capable of, want to use it on a D series Honda turbo. Does it have an onboard map sensor?? Where could I find a feature list for this Link G1 ECU.


Thanks in advance


Link G1.jpg

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Keep in mind this is 15-20 years old so nothing like what users expect today.  These could be tuned either with a "hand controller" (no longer available) or using a laptop via a "serial link" (still available), so if it doesnt come with either of those you will have to add some cost on for those.

It uses the factory fitted honda map sensor which was good for 170Kpa from memory or you can replace that with a bigger one.  It does closed loop boost control etc.  Here is a manual: https://linkecu-my.sharepoint.com/personal/adam_linkecu_com/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?docid=1958fff8f00524369856451f5f5ade2c7&authkey=AemiQcmlNXSCXV5J83DkGV8

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