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Gear Cut Control


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Try to setup "Gear Cut Control".

It is still unsuccessful at this stage.

Have been trying to change different values of each parameter.

"Clutch Switch" setting:

Function setting..... try "Clutch Switch" and "Gear Cut".

Also try different values for other parameters.

"Gear Cut Control" setting:

Try some values for each parameters.

For safety we try to do "Gear Cut Control" around 4000 RPM.

What can be problem?

Switch is installed at clutch pedal.

It is active when clutch pedal depressed (clutch engaged).




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Your settings look ok.  I would suggest for testing you set your activation RPM to 0 and your activation TP to 0%TP so it sould then just cut whenever you press clutch - even at idle with no load.

If it still doesnt work please do a log and send that and your map to me and I will take a look.  NAjJcZt.png

How to do the log (G4 is a little different but this should still be a good guide):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A

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Thanks Adamw.

Is Clutch Switch setting correct?

Should I select Clutch Switch or Gear Cut in Function setting?

Switch Type, Pullup Resistor, On Level, Active Edge are correct?

Last time we set Launch Control using switch mounted on steering wheel.

Kind of tricky to set Clutch Switch.

But now forgot what values for each parameter (no longer using LC).

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The DI can be set up as "clutch switch" or "gear cut" function and it will work the same either way.

Your pullup and on level will depend on the type of switch you used and how it is wired, but it is easy to test.  If it is set up correct you should see the Clutch switch DI runtime flash green and show active when you press on the clutch pedal.

Hopefully this .gif picture will show what I mean:


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