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Backfire issue after updates


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When I parked my car psst October it was fine no issues. 

Since then car was off road as I was changing a few things. 

They included 

Regards routed intercooler pipe from turbo to intercooler made shorter and less bends. 

.fuel pressure sensor installed (currently turned off) 

Abs wheel speed signal splitters installed and wired in. 

Fuel pump ecu signal wire from ecu to fuel pump ecu routed to alarm. 

The fuel pump ecu signals the relay. 

Clutch switch installed and working. 


The blow off valve was venting to atmosphere before I now plumbed it back into intake a foot before turbo intake after air filter. 


Lastly updated the firmware to 



So I went to track I grab the next gear bang bang backfire get back on its ok. Had the problem happen intermittently. 

Along with that I noticed the tacho sort of hang...  Along with engine stalling. 

I just came back from a drive again was fine no problem then while accelerating in 1st gear she went bang backfired again. 

I tried to repeat it but didn't do it again..


So I have take the two wires out from the alarm and wires them into a switch. 


I will go for anther drive see if I can log the issue. 


If it was the alarm causing issue with fuel I don't think it would backfire? 

Clutch switch introduced could that be a cause? 

I know the car sat for a few months but the likelihood of something breaking like coils or ethanol sensor is slim. 

Btw I run Bosch Audi coils. 


Any help would be appreciated 

Cheers Muz

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In the latest firmware we have changed some of the stuff in the background for VVT the custom PID tables so it has put default values in these tables just like when a new table is introduced. That is why our firmware instruction video tells you top do a map compare after any update.

I'm not so sure however if this is the cause of your "backfire".  Does the cam position still control ok?

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its changed the max dc clamp from 80 to 100

min DC clamp from 20 to 0

proportional gain changed from 4 to 8

Derivative gain friom 12 to 10

filter from 3 to 6

thats what I can see thats changed after firmware update 




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