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high output from spare inj channel only 1v


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I have INJ8 set as starter solenoid high,

Trying to figure out why I'm only getting 1v from the output and not enough to trip the relay and start the engine.

Engine starts and runs if I manually bridge the power in the relay's socket.

Is there a limitation that Injector channels can't be switched to 14v?

Should I rewire it as a negative output, move the pin to an aux channel, or search for an error in my wiring?




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Only aux 5-8 can do high side drive.  Injector outputs are low side drive only.  The high/low polarity setting only determines which level is "on"

So you can move to aux 5- 8 (be aware they can only drive 0.5A high) or you can change your wiring so that the relay needs a ground signal.

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