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suzuki TL1000


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I dont know if there are some variations of these but I found this on the web:


It suggests the crank has 4 teeth with one of those being a long tooth.  Can you confirm yours is like this?  I think we will probably find one of the OEM trigger modes will match but I will have to ask the engineers tomorrow if it looks familiar. 

A long tooth with a reluctor sensor is often not a good choice with most aftermarket ECU's either since they normally use the "zero crossing" point which will be quite variable in this case. OEM's can get around this by trigger off different features in the wave form.  One option would be to grind one edge of the long tooth down so that it is the same length as the others.

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It should be fairly easy to mark that long tooth with a caliper or something and grind/file it back to the right length and you will probably find that will do everything you need.

If I were going to make a new trigger wheel from scratch I would do 12T or 12-1, those seem to be a good compromise between resolution and ease of positioning/setup.  

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