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Cos yb start cal problems


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Having problems with a start  cal for cosworth yb turbo engine running Storm black ecu 36-1 VR crank sensor,GM 3 bar map sensor ,440 cc injectors,wasted spark ignition

Engine runs for around 30 seconds ,air fuel goes lean,seems to drop 2 cylinders and cut out .

Crank sensor trace looks good

I would be grateful if someone could cast their eyes over the start up cal attached


Thanks Dave

ybcos test.pclr

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As well as what Eivind has mentioned, I also notice you have charge temp approximation and IAT trim turned on.  Usually you only want one or the other so turn one of those tables off for now.  Your master fuel number seems high considering the size of your injectors and non-sequential, have you confirmed fuel pressure is correct?

If you can provide a short log and also post the trigger scope we should be able to help more.


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