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Multi Fuel PCLink will always use Lambda units.


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Hi All.

Is there anyway around the fact that Lambda units is forced to be used while the Multifuel equation method is in play?

I understand that Lambda is often used, and might be the go to readout for some, but personally I prefer AFR and being 'brought up' on AFR values its very hard to 'know' off the bat so to speak what Im looking at.



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I had previously always used afr, but since heading towards multi-fuel setup, have made the change to lambda. If you remove all references to afr in your life, it isn't hard and doesn't take long to make the adjustment!

Fare enough - My main issue is I normally have my go to values that I know just work.  

Whats the equivalent of 11.8AFR on E50 converted into Lambda? hehe

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