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Speed sources not working


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I have digital input 6 as gp speed input. 

I also have wired in 3 abs sensors via a signal divider to reduce the teeth count of the abs. 


Note that the speed gp input at di6 used to work no issues prior and so did the 2 abs inputs I had without the signal dividers in place. 


I had the car on stands so I decide to check and nothing on the 3 abs sensors in di2 di2 and di4

Or the gp speed input on di6. 

I check the status and it shows off on all 4 even though I'm sure they are all supposed to be on. 


The speedo on the dash is working. 


Any ideas why this maybe? 

Cheers Muz

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That would indicate the ECU is seeing no signal. Next step will be to check for a signal / frequency at the input to the ECU.

You can test the Di inputs by setting them up as a GP input and then pulling the signal high or low (depending on pullup off or on)  and seeing if you get them going active.

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