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IACV delete


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good afternoon. 

just installed Link g4+ on mazda mx5 NA 1990.

stock engine except intake filter. AFM disconnected, and IATS wired into AFM socket, fuel pump switch bridged and g4+ onboard MAP used

running well after a few tweaks.

have an issue that has come across from stock ecu whereby idle is really high all the time. 1200 rpm even with idle air screw fully seated, throttle valve closed. (TB stripped and cleaned. IACV cleaned.)

so I have narrowed down to a few things

IACV (was getting error code thrown on old ECU for this)

Air valve

PCV valve

leaking injector seals.

other Intake manifold leaks


First question.

If I remove IACV or insert dead end gasket/ blank the inlets on throttle body, what do I need to change in the config to ensure I can setup system on startup enrichment rather instead?







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From the ECU no changes needed for testing you will just need a throttle opening big enough to allow the engine to idle.

I would certainly heading down the path of chasing a intake air leak. So looks like you are on the right track.

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Thanks Simon. appreciate swift response!

so g4+ doesn't supply / read volts to or from the IACV as standard? so I can just unplug and I wont get an error thrown?

or can I disable a channel?

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turns out the IACV is faulty. 

have removed from system, along with the Air valve, and idle is now rock steady at 850 rpm.


now I need to spend some time and work out the warm up enrichment table!




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