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[EvoLink 9] TPS Above Error High


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Hi All,

I have identified an event where if I hold my foot flat on the accel for a second or two it will throw an AN Volt 3 (TP Sensor) Above Error High error. The rest of the pedal operation is perfectly normal. The standard configuration of 0.05v low and 4.95v high is applied. The sensor also never had any issues while the stock ecu was in the car (not that I could see anything on the stock ECU). Just wanted to see if anyone has any info on this before I go and buy another TP Sensor. 


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Just check the voltage on the sensor signal at full throttle it could be going to either 5V at that point or very close to.

Options would be increase the error high to a figure above the max voltage.

Rotate the TPS a bit so that the max voltage is reduced. (Re calibrate TPS after this)


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Thanks Simon. Makes sense but not something that occurred to newbie me. I will try to rotate the TPS out of the range thats causing problems. Would rather try and keep it within operating voltage ranges so that if something bad does happen, the countermeasures all work correctly. Failing that, I guess I will just have to open-end the top of the voltage range until I get another TPS. 

Sadly isn't happening today. Will post back once I get to it. 

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Just posting back here. Loosened the two screws and rotated the sensor out of the problem range while checking the values on the ECU. Problem solved and thanks for the response! 


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