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IAT Sensor reading


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Hi there, I cannot seem to get the IAT sensor to function on my G3 (with g4 firmwear) wire in ecu using Subaru WRX V3/4 adaptalink. I have wired the IAT sensor to AN Temp 2 on the adaptor link board and used the spare ground on the board for the earth while i was there. I have then selected AN Temp 2 within the ecu software as Inlet air temp and selected what I believe to be the correct sensor (Std Bosch NTC) then when i connect to the ECU it just says -50 degrees in the IAT read out display. 

Firstly thought dud sensor, so replaced it with the same type of sensor from my Nissan (runs G4 plug in) and no go. Plugged the lap top into the Nissans link ecu and checked the calibration... same Std Bosch NTC. While I was there I checked that both my sensors worked in the nissan - yep work and read perfectly..

So I thought maby my wiring in the Subaru is wrong somehow so i used a little jumper wire to bridge the plug at the IAT sensor (effectivly bridging AN Temp 2 to ground for one or so seconds) and the laptop straight away displays 150 degrees C in the IAT display so that proves wiring is ok. 

My conclusion is: Wiring is correct, sensor definitely works, drop down menu calibration Std Bosch NTC is correct but still all the ecu wants to do is display negative 50deg IAT. What am I missing here guys?!?! Doing my head in for such a simple job haha. Thanks again


Cheers Marc

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Hi Adam! your a big help thanks mate!! Both the error values were 0.00 volts. I have put 50deg in the error value and 5.00v in the error high and seems to read. bit hard to know if its true yet haha as i just went outside to try your advice just now and it displays 2 deg C not sure if its that cold outside haha but least it reads, Put some warm air on the sensor and it went up to 12 odd degrees so could be right, will do a comparison with ambient via another temp device tomorrow to confirm. Do you suggest i leave the values you have suggested in the software or is there something more suitable to enter? also with the sensor unplugged at the sensor it reads -40 on the laptop not the 50 degrees one would expect it to read from the values i entered?! Just trying to think if theres a good way to keep motor happy if sensor fails is all. Thanks once again, spent so may hours going round in circles the other day! Im getting smarter now! slowly!


Cheers Marc

Also thanks Integrale8v you were on the money! Just saw the both of your reply's just now! :) :) 

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