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Aux 9/10 feed error normal?


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I have installed a subaru OEM based E-throttle on my project car. 
I have a AUX controller the feed relay for the AUX9/10.

On a G4+ Extreme 

Is it normal to have a Au9/10 power feed error when the e-throttle relay is no latched?! I would of thought the software would know it turned the relay off and not trigger a error?! Not sure if i have buggered up the wiring or its normal.
Throttle works perfect in "setup" mode. Engine hasnt been fired up yet.

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I think this is probably normal behavior but I cant test it myself easily right now as my simulator keeps aux 9 & 10 supply live all the time. I wouldnt worry about it too much for now as under normal running conditions that relay should be on all the time.  Report back if it doesnt work as expected when its running and we will take a closer look.

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Still unable to make the e-throttle work in "on" mode. Its works perfect in setup mode with no error messages.
As soon as I change the setting to "on" it kills power (e-throttle relay 1). And then the Aux9/10 feed error comes up.

Any ideas?

Using Aux 9.10 for e throttle outs. and a Fuel aux out for the E-trottle relay..

Everything works perfect in Setup mode!

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The quickest way to find the cause will be to do a PC Log with all parameters recorded.  Start logging with E-throttle in setup mode, move throttle a little, then set to "on" mode, move throttle a little again, hopefully error occurs then stop logging and attach that and your map here.

How to do PC Log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A

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Your E-throttle system is shutting down into safety mode due to an AP tracking error.  I think your problem is due to the incorrect "APS (Sub) 100%" setting, yours is set to zero but it would normally be 100%. Try setting this to 100%, do a store and have another try.





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