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Lambda control when launchcontrol is active


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Hi , 

ive tuned some link ecu in the past and with the G4 the lambda control stays active when u arm the launch control 

but in the g4+ the lambda control is disabled when launch control is active 

ist setup on stoich mode wide band . 

can anyone help me to get it active when armed because when it makes boost lambda control is turned off but my custumor want to have the launch armed so when he stops at a red light the launch is active. 


thnx .

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CLL is disabled whenever launch control is "armed", even if it is not "active".  You map shows launch is activated by a switch on DI5, so CLL will be disabled whenever that switch is turned on.  

One thing you could do is use a virtual aux to arm the launch control rather than just the switch - then you can set up extra conditions so the launch is only armed for instance when wheel speed is <10KMH and TP is > 40%.  This will mean under most normal driving conditions launch is disarmed and CLL will work.  When you stop at lights and open throttle launch will automatically enable.

Also note a couple of problems in your map; Your launch table is using "non-driven" wheel speed on one axis and you also have a disarming speed of 10KMH set, both of these will need non-driven wheel speed but you dont have a speed source set up for that.

I suggest you set your speed source like this:


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