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RX7 Series 7+ Plug in


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I've just taken full advantage of the huge savings on the P&P RX7 ECU offer running this month, big thanks for that. I'm just in the process of ordering some other goodies to make the most of the new set up i.e. Injector dynamic injectors and some pressure sensors etc. I wanted to know if I was able to upgrade the trigger wheel from the stock 12-1 wheel to a kit like one of these:-


Ideally the Hall effect set up which uses a 36-1 wheel so a much greater resolution. Does the P&P ECU allow this change or not? The guidance from FFE suggests selecting the LINK config for the RX8 trigger.


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Thanks for that Adam, I'll see if we have a suitable crimp tool here at work, I’ll be surprised if we don't have one.

Having reviewed the literature that arrived with my S7+ ECU I was getting a little bit spooked by the pinouts at the back of the manual until I realised there for the earlier cars, The manual I have received is for the S6-S8 car's but the pinouts are definitely for the earlier style connectors, might be worth amending that in future? I have managed to find the pinouts I need online for a G4 ECU assuming there the same? I need to check the help files to see if the info I needs is there? Al`so I can’t find the pinouts for the 5pin CAN1&2 connectors and would like to wire in my AIM sports dash and lambda to CAN when I upgrade the Innovate, are these in the help files too? Would appreciate it if you could post them up.

Again, many thanks for the help



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Image below is what PCLink help file shows but that seems to match what is in my copy of the paper manual.  Can you confirm if there is something wrong with this:




The CAN socket pinout is missing from the help file at present and I believe that was planned to be in the next release.  

This is the best I can do tonight:


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Thanks again Adam, that pin out seems right to me, its just the manual supplied with my S7+ plug in shows the older style pin outs.

The CAN wiring is all I need to know, thank you

Much appreciated


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Out of curiosity, can anyone post up the differences in PCB versions? Myself & friend have literally just bought the S7+ PNP boards and mine is an older revision to his. Just wanted to know what the differences are please.

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