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Yet more LS1 questions... (crank sensor - wideband wiring)


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I'm starting to wonder about who set this engine up.

Someone has welded a trigger ring onto the crank pulley, and very sketchily bodged a crank sensor in place. The crank sensor hangs down over the front of the belts, including the wiring (!).

I've got a standard LS1 crank sensor on back order, along with a plug and some terminals. I'm guessing they're fairly straightforward to wire in? If anyone has a wiring diagram that would be just perfect.

Can a Link G4 Storm work off a standard LS1 crank sensor? Guessing they can, but I'm wondering if that was the reason whoever put this together did that... fiasco... with the crank pulley and trigger wheel. I've already searched elsewhere and seen the LS1 crank sensor has a preset on a G4+, but I don't know about the G4 non-plus.

Also- wiring in a wideband. Any moron guides for this?

Final question- coolant temperature. Is there a way it can be extracted and used as an Aux Output, much in the same way the ECU can be set to control tacho/idle stepper/etc?

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Oh dear, the trigger doesnt sound nice at all...

The LS1 has a odd 24 tooth trigger on the crank and a long tooth on the cam sprocket.  The G4 Storm is capable of using the stock trigger and it is commonly used.  Be aware you will need both cam and crank sensors connected to use the "LS1" trigger mode.  The wiring is in the help file:



I dont have much to offer on wiring a wideband but if you tell us what sort of wideband controller you have or are intending to get I can help guide you.


For an output based on coolant temp the two options would be either a PWM (for instance to vary fan speed based on ECT) or on/off type output (say to switch on a fan above a certain temp).  What did you want to do with this aux?



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