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Import current tune into upgraded base map


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I've searched the forum and help file - if it is there i apologise.

I have a new base map that has been supplied for the S13 plugin with more Virtual Aux inputs etc etc - all my current tune and settings are in my "current" S13 map.

Is there a way to bring in all the settings or is this a "start again" scenario?

Any help appreciated.


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Hi Brett,

If you load your current map into a ECU with the newest firmware in it then all the new features such as the extra Virtual auxes will show automatically.  If you dont have a powered up ecu to do that with yet then you could email me the map and I will do it.

There is no way to easily "combine 2 maps into one although you can open 2 instances of PCLink side by side and copy settings quite easily.  All tables can be copy/paste or export/import.

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