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2jzge with dizzy link atom


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hey guys have a 2jzge with a dizzy running link atom have been trying to get it running as semi sequential and using wasted spark, trig 1 is 24 tooth reluctor and trig 2 seems like camx1 pulse, get a decent amount of rpm 200ish cranking and get sginals with timing light on #1, tried timing calabration offset doesnt change timing, it will start if i enable fuel but will rev quite high, any susgestions on where to start to look?

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When adjusting trigger offset you have to hit the enter key for the changes to be applied.

A high idle means too much air is getting in.  This could be idle valve settings, throttle blade open too far, or an air leak.  To eliminate the idle valve as the source of air you can set it to open loop mode and put large numbers through the whole base position table - say something like 500 should keep the valve closed.

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