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HELP PLEASE!dyno friday and idling at 2500! :(


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Hi! Really could do with some help please! This car is my wedding car and if I cant get it sorted ready for the dyno on Friday I'm going to have no car for my big day! :(

Long story short this is my first experience with a standalone and by no means an expert....clearly by this post! I have checked all the pinouts and have the car running (3.0 v6 1MZ FE in my mr2). I have got the car running and the afr to within acceptable limits, however its sitting at around 2500 rpm ,whenever I have tried to bring the idle down it hoofs the fuel through (scary 8afr) and then kills itself. The dyno is booked for 9am on Friday and I will literally have a day and a half before to try and sort this issue to get the most out of my mapping.

I have cleaned the IACV and checked it motors across applying power to the open and closed side so I am confident that is working fine.

I have attached the last map I saved on my laptop before I had to go away with work

Really in a world of poo with this car and any help that could be given would be massively appreciated!

20170615_running well.pcl

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