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Launch Control Problem

Mohamed Maher

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I have problem with my launch control when I set an aggressive retard or add too much fuel such as 50 % fuel Trim then the RPM stops just before the aggressive set not at the launch limit 

I set limit to 5000 rpm and if the fuel trim is 40% at 4000 rpm and ignition timing at -15 absolute degrees then the rpm limit it self at 3500 or earlier 

and her is my pclr file 


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I would need to see a log to see what it causing your issue.  How to get help:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A

One likely cause I see in your map is you have gear shift cut set up to be activated by DI4, yet you have DI4 assigned to wheel speed.  So gear cut is going to be activated every time a wheel moves a little.

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