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Cruise Control using analog voltage inputs


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Would like to understand how the G4+ interprets the following condition when using a voltage divider on an analog input for cruise control - i couldnt find the info in the help file.

If the On cruise button (momentary not latching) is say set to 4v and it is held down then the ecu turns cruise on - if after this point the same On cruise button is held down does the ecu interpret that as cruise Off?



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I have recently set up cruise  buttons on a car with one AN volt channel.

The input to the ecu will have 1k ohm resistor connected to 5v.

The input wire is then connected to a series of momentary buttons.

On the other side of the buttons are varying resistor sizes connected to ground.

You then set the AN volt channel to "Cruise Control Switches".

You will then have to monitor the AN volt channel in the runtime values window and set each specific voltage value for each switch. 

Works out very well with most OEM cruise stalks.

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