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Thunder Lambda Inputs


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What would be the preferred way of wiring in the Lambda wideband sensors to the Thunder - directly or via a controller like Zeitronix?

I'm at the early stages of wiring in the Thunder and I'm learning along the way. I happen to have two Zeitronix controllers and their nDash display so originally thought I would utilise it in the cabin.

I also don't want to over complicate the setup or introduce any discrepancy in Lambda reading to the ECU.

Is there a benefit of having an extra controller with a screen or would you just rely on the ECU with the Lambda?


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You can wire two lsu4.9 sensors direct to the ecu and let the ecu do the control of the sensors.

You could utilize the zeitronix controllers that you have, but the lambda reading will typically be slightly off due to the analog to digital conversion. 

My choice would be let the ecu do the controlling.

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