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St205 g4+ pnp questions


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Hi guys, I've been building my car up for the past few months and I'm nearly ready to fire it up. I've a few questions I want to double check before I'm ready/able to fire the car up:


1- I've converted to some high impedance top feed injectors, am I right in thinking I can delete the resistor pack that's located on the passenger suspension turret? 

2- I've got a 3pin 150psi fuel pressure sensor fitted in my fuel rail, I've been told I can get a 5volt feed from the tps or icv, ground it on the manifold where the other grounds are and I just need to find a spare/unused anvolt is this correct? 

3- I've fitted a wideband with a 0-5v out for the ecu, am I right in thinking I can pin the wideband 0-5v to the pin on the ecu for the original O2 sensor and configure the ecu for the new input then delete the original O2 sensor on the downpipe?

 4- I've converted to 1zz coil on plug, would I be OK to use the original power feed that went to the ignitor to power the new coils? Is it important where I place the ground for the coils? I have already re pinned the ecu plug for the trigger signals to the coils. 

Any help would be appreciated as this is the last of the stuff I need to do before I can get the car to run. 

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