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water meth inj solenoid control


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I'm just looking in to getting my water methanol wired in to the ecu and looking in to the setup and how the ecu will be controlling it.

My original plan was going to be run the pump on a gp pwm output through a solid state relay and have the ecu fire the water meth that way, however after a friend suggested I get a solenoid and looking around it got me thinking about maybe having a setup that will run the pump when say positive boost is seen then have the solenoid run on a gp pwm output and that control the actual water meth spray?

Is this a valid option or am I talking gibberish? 

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The fast acting solenoid would be certainly faster to react than the pump. I know Aquamist systems use a configuration just like that. You just need to make sure there is some sort of regulation on the pump curcuit. Not all of the meth pumps have this.  You also need to make sure the solenoid can handle PWM as well as methanol.

Blaine Carmena

Carmena Performance

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