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Further info on s13link please


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Hi, i'm back again for more mind numbing questions for the knowledgeable people - and i have fairly thoroughly tried to find the answers before i bother people. It's in relation to the S13link ecu.

1) The 5 pin Can2 / ODB connector - can i have the pin outs please - i cant find any info on the pin 1-5 assignments from this onboard connector.

2) Are the ign7 and ign8 available on the header?

3) Setting up the fuel pump on PWM through a 100a SSR and on "3 Stage PWM control" - the topic doesn't say that a SSR will not be able to switch fast enough compared to other methods so taking it an SSR is ok used this way? 

4) Also in the above pwm method it does not say that another output is required to enable the power line to the pump (i've just set it up on a relay from the ignition). Ok?

5) For this old Renault engine I am using a nissan cas from a ca18det married to the old distributor housing which is run off the camshaft. Looking at the ecu stats i get max rpm recorded of 14000 rpm etc - so the signal is not that stable - filtering is on 2. I have an AEM 24 hole trigger disc so my question is will lowering the resolution possibly provide a more stable engine position output but still offer enough resolution? Just after some advice on this one.

6) In the wiring diagram in the help file Aux Inj6 is shown to be on pin 6 and on pin 9 - does that mean that wiring to either one will work as the g4 header is joined to both? 

Thanks in advance for any info available.


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1.  Here is the pinout for CAN1 PCB socket.  CAN2 is the same except it doesnt have the RS232:


2.  Ign7 & 8 should be on the 2nd expansion connector, they are not available on the main header.

3.  That will depend on the SSR - they all have different specs.  I would guess you really want something capable of at least 500Hz.  I have run fuel pumps with the hella SSR's at 1000Hz.

4.  That should be ok.

5.  The 360 nissan CAS is terrible if there is any backlash or resonance in the drive system.  The 24 slot disc will be a big improvement.  Resolution of 12 crank teeth is about the minimum you want for good transient ignition control, so that should be reasonable.

6.  Yes these pins are joined internally.  Some S13's had A/C on pin 6, some have it on pin 9.

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Inj 7 & 8 arent available easily.  The micro outputs are physically available on the "top board" header but they are only very low power signals not capable of driving anything useful.  If you were stuck for outputs and prepared to add some external hardware it wouldnt be impossible to make them work.  PM me if you wanted any more info on how to do that.

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