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Graphical bug no XY plot points displayed


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I'm trying to plot my boost curve and colour it with Lambda 1, just like the stock display in the older G4 software.

I'm having difficulty with some kind of bug where nomatter what I do no dots display. If by odd chance I wipe the window and make a new XY plot and dots do display, the colour settings tab wont accept Lambda 1 colouring, it just buggers off when I press OK and then get back into Properties it's not there anymore.

Does this have to do with using older laptop hardware and Windows 10?





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Hi- had very similar issue today . Setting up X/Y plot could not get the Y axis set up . Even the high and low limits would not display for the RPM on the x axis . Couldnt get the display to work as i wanted so gave up . But now glad you have brought it up . Also on G4+ . Hope not hijacking- seems relevant . Just so im clear . With laptop not connected to ecu . I click on logging at page top . Click on XY plot. Brings up the XY plot page . Right click on page to bring up properties - Enter engine speed and manual range ( high and low ) to set x axis --- then click ok . And nothing happens. Try to add parameter to bring up the y axis but no good . What am i doing wrong . I want to compare measured lambda to target lambda graphically .    

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Log 2017-07-23 12;40;28 pm.7z


Another quirk too is that you'll see I made a mixture map 2 page for my E85 table but it always falls back to Fuel Table 1 it has to be set to Fuel Table 2 every time before updating Mixture Map

MikeMan 2017-07-27 - New.pclr

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This is really weird, I re-created my XY plot this morning and voila it worked! The only thing I did different was I re-saved the layout for you last night, which I hadn't done in a while. I just assumed it saved it in the default file automatically for you every time you exit like it seemed to do in the older G4 software.


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I'm getting the same behavior, make a new XY Plot and it works great, it works even if I set it up exactly the same as the broken one.
Also, interestingly, if I copy-pasta the 'broken' XY Plot, the new one is also broken, which would suggest an XY Plot setting is upset somewhere (like the X axis range)

I've added it to the list to be investigated, thanks for your patience.

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