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v44 Digital Knock Amplifier


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I have a car which I take care of and it's a sports car, rallycross supercar. It has 2.0 cosworth engine and it can make 600 hp. Now I've tuned it for 500 hp. Because I don't have an electronic knock detection. I used a simple old school det cans, which is good, very good to listen knock, but i made a safe ignition tune, I didn't wanted to take a big risk.

Now the team decided that we should take a max power from the engine and also to have a good logging option. So I'm looking for external knock amplifier for v44.

Does anybody has a clue if this product could work with v44? (http://www.phormula.com/KnockMonitor-KS-4.aspx)

Also, maybe someone has a wiring diagram how to wire external knock control?


Would be really appreciated.


PS. Adam, on the last my post You helped me with staged injection, Your knowledge helped me a lot. Thanks. Now engine is running much smoother. 

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Sorry I missed your earlier post.

Unfortunately I cant offer you a good solution.  The V44 knock control was designed to use our "G4/vipec knockblock" device, this done proper windowed knock control.  This device has been obsolete for quite a few years though and you dont see them come up for sale often.

You can use that KS4 device and connect it to an analog input.  That may give you some protection but with no windowing or adjustable frequency filters I cannot say how well it will work.

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Well yes... It looks like it won't work properly with Vipec..

Adam, maybe You have some kind of devices which could work with Vipec?

Or there is no more options, just to buy an i44 or i88? 


Maybe there is some vendors which have in stock.... hope so..

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I've reached Phormula salesman and now I am a bit confused.. This is what he told me:

"The KS-4 provides a 0-5v output, in the same way as any external knock interface. If the ECU is capable of combining the 0-5v signal with the crank angle, then you may be able to do individual cylinder control. If the ECU can be configured to retard individual cylinders based on the knock value at any given moment then it should be possible to retard individual cylinders."

So maybe KS4 and Vipec are friendly and configurable?
Can vipec combine knock analog signal with crank angle? And how vipec makes the retard, on any value of knock?


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If you are willing to use an old firmware version 4.9.3, that had the capability to "combine" an analog input with the "knock window" to do individual cylinder control.  That feature was removed from later firmwares - I dont know the exact reason but I remember it was reported on this forum that it was rarely used and sometimes wasnt very effective.  However at that time the digital interface was available so you still had another option.

My logic would probably lean a slightly different way - If you combine the cost of the KS4 with the sell price you could get for the V44, I suspect you wouldnt be far off the cost of a new Storm that has proper knock control builtin - and lots of new features too...  It sounds like your engine is reasonably valuable so you have to consider the cost/risk ratio carefully.


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