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EJ20T swap to Corvair


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Hi All. Newb here. Been reading quite a bit and signed up a few days ago in prep for the inevitable questions about my project. I acquired an unfinished classic car a few month ago that had a  Subie EJ20T mounted to Porsche 911 transaxle using a Kennedy adapter. I finally got the engine running after figuring out the jumble of wires on the ancient Electromotive stand-alone ECU that it came with. The engine ran just enough to learn it had a serious rod bearing knock on #1. I think it was abused in a sand rail before it got installed in this car. Bummer!

I decided it was cheaper and less hassle to buy a low-mile JDM engine instead of trying to rebuild the old. I know horizontally opposed engines but not the Subaru variety. I also wanted a better ECU for sure.

I found a similar JDM EJ20T locally and included in the sale was a new G4+ Atom. I also got a loom A 2.5m harness, a 5 bar MAP, IAT sensor, a Nissan ignitor chip and some other goodies like headers and turbo exhaust flanges. 

Don't laugh but the vehicle it is going in is a 1965 Chevy Corvair 4-door that was partially through the engine swap process before the builder got cancer and could not go further. The swapped engine is rear-mounted like the original and the previous owner built a fully custom 4-link suspension underneath to make it all work. Initiallyh, I only need a good running stock engine to prove out the rest of the drivetrain and mechanicals. If all goes well and it drives straight and stops safely, then I will make performance improvements in future steps. 

I'll try not to ask too many stupid things here but most of my cars still have carburetors. 


1965 Chevy Corvair Monza "Sport Sedan". Original engine was air cooled flat-6. Rated 110 HP from the factory so probably 80 HP to the wheels on a good day?



Bad engine with ancient ECU and rod bearing. 4-link suspension built around Porsche transaxle.




Replacement EJ20 on the stand. Stripping off PS pump and other items not needed. Tracing wires and checking for continuity. Going to run it on the stand before it's installed.




G4+ Atom with note it is unlocked and pre-loaded with Subaru 2.0 program. I haven't even downloaded the software yet to my laptop. 



-Dave in Arizona, USA


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Hey Cool project . There are certainly a lot of knowledgeable people on here so help wont be a problem . Like you i was a carb only man but managed to drag myself ( painfully :) ) into this modern world . Like you i wired up a Link Atom G4+ to an old car - but to an old V8 . Was a great project and im very happy with the way it runs . Good luck with your project .  

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