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fury internal wideband issue


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hi guys

when veiwing log files with my fury i have a few time plot with rpm map etc, one of them is lambda and it auto scales itself between 0-10 due to the lamda being of scale when logging begins which makes the resolution terrible and it just looks like a flat line.

you can zoom vertically but it only gets you so far and it still has to large a scale is there any way i can fix the scale from .6-1.3 etc 

last run.llg

sony vaio 8.7.17.llf


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Hi Tarlo,

There's a few ways to change parameter properties but here's what I find easiest:

Right click on your time plot, select "properties.  Double left click on the Lambda 1 parameter to bring up parameter properties.

Set scaling to "display min/max", enter the range you want into the "display min" and "display max" fields.


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