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Vehicle speed issue


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Hi everyone!

I have just started to work with Link G4 ECU and Dash2 from Race yechnology and I have a problem with speed definition. I only have a wheel speed sensor that I installed in RR wheel. With it, in Chassis and Body menu, I fill the speed source as the image bellow shows. At this point is everything ok?


If the speed is well defined, the problem is when I send the information to the dash. The speed is not read. What could be the reason? 

Thank you very much for your help.

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It looks to me like the DASH2Pro CAN stream sends "non-driven" wheel speed so your setup above should have worked ok.  No harm in trying what Simon suggests though and assign both driven and non driven to the same wheel.

Also check in the Dash2Pro config that the speed display is looking for "non-GPS" speed:



In the Dash2Pro CAN config, make sure the ECU speed channel is enabled and also make sure you dont have more than 15 channels enabled:



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Finally I could go to the workshop and try it. The Dash is not Dash2Pro, is Dash2. Although the menu is similar, I have two problems:

1. When I connect the PC directly to the dash by a serial cable, if I want to read or send the configuration, after a few seconds, the software tell me that It's not possible to continue reading (sending)

2. When I want to change the data source for speed signal, I have this:


And when I go to CAN configuration, I have this:


However, although is this list doesn't appear any channel, on the dash' screen we see temperatures and pressures (that are connected to the ECU too, not to the Dash), so I'm a little confuse. It's the first time that I configure a system like that so sorry so much if there are many obvious solutions that I've not seen before.

Thank you very much for everything.

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I'm not sure we can help much with the Dash2, this was not a dash that we sold.  They didnt have built in CAN bus so they used an external converter box that could be either CAN or serial.  I can try to help but you will probably get a solution much faster by contacting race technology directly. The serial comms issue is definitely something you will have to talk to race tech about - If I were to hazard a guess I would say try a different usb>serial adapter as many of those are pretty flaky.

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