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Cam level trigger edge


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Can't seem to find a clear answer for this in the help section. Can someone please clear this up for me.

If cam level signal is low when missing tooth passes crank sensor (no1 ign stroke), and then goes high at 90deg ATDC, should trigger 2 edge be set to rising? or falling?

Running wasted spark, sequential injection. G4+Fury.


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HI Jay


It wont matter as if you are running cam level it purely looks to see if signal is high or low, the Edge is not used in this case.

But the signal must be High as the gap passes for the next turn of the crank.

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Ok so starting from tdc,  at the moment cam level is low at missing tooth then goes high mid power stroke.

Level is high at missing tooth and goes low mid intake stroke.

I think that's correct but just not 100 percent sure. 

Not getting any trigger errors, just want to make sure injection timing is correct.

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Running wasted spark. The car runs fine.

I retarded cam timing a couple of degrees and it has upset lambda readings quite a bit more than I was expecting. 

Just wanted to confirm my trigger sync was correct before I adjust the tune.

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