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single to twin fuel pumps


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hi guys I am needing to fit an extra pump for more fuel and would like to no the best way  to achieve this I have looked at the pc link software and cant seem to find any info on the twin pump setup

question should I stage the pumps ?and if so how is this done

? and if not can I use the same trigger wire going to the existing relay that triggers the existing pump and just run another relay and power supply ?

or do I need to run another trigger all my aux outlets are taken up should there be 4 isc steeper's aux 5-8 sure it loads all four last time I checked then do I have to use a injector drive output

does the fuel get TO hot with 2 pumps running

I run a carter lift not that it likely maters

lean last add to engine.pcl

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Note you still have two spare injector outputs and 5 spare ignition outputs that you can use for auxilaries.  

Personally I would rather look for a more suitable single pump than going to two pumps but from a ECU perspective you are free to do it either way.  Unless you have some old junk laying around that you intend to use, to do the two pump setup if you add the cost of the new pump together with the extra plumbing/tees/check valves etc that you will need you would probably be near the cost of a new decent single pump. 

If you want to do two "staged" pumps, then below is one way you could control the 2nd pump - in this example the second pump will turn on when injector duty cycle is above 30%:


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I'm currently at just over 520rwhp on pump gas what pump options would be avaliable as I want to put more boost and rum some e85 

You will probably need two pumps in that case as they tend to get expensive once you need more than about 600HP on E85.  I had the Walbro 455/465 in mind but that would probably be too small depending on what boost you are needing to reach your target.

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sorry do I just run a  wire from the injector drive to the relay as a trigger relay 86

30 power

85 ground

87 to pump

do I need to run an earth or an volt from the ecu or just the injector feed cant remember is there some HOW TO wire pages to download or somewhere to find them i looked thru the pclink

don't like to ask noob questions


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