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Aux 9/10 supply voltage tapers out -> Fault 73 / 77


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I've got this weard problem on Link Fury on Ford Duratec HE 2.0 engine. Car starts and works fine, but suddenly Aux 9/10 voltage starts to taper to zero and causes Fault 73 and 77. What could be the cause for this. Also noticed that alternator is not charging, could this be related. Voltage was slowly dropping and was at 11.92V when this happened. Attached is the log file where you can see the problem appears at 3min mark, look Aux 9/10 Supply (V).

Any suggestions on how to start solving this problem? Anyone had similar issues and what could cause all this. Could this be calibration related problem?

startti003_Log 2017-08-27 3;08;48 pm.llg

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Has time to look into this more. Calibration goes without problems. Did it multiple times, didn't solve the problem. Found that someone had problems if 5V output wonders, but that is rock solid. Now I've found a french thread that underlined a problem with this throttle body. Apparently (what I understood with translator) it can't take vibration very good. On OEM ECU there was also occasional stalls on idle. So I think I'll try next with new TB.


Throttle body in question.



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The vast majority of errors in your original log posted above were due to the pedal position sensors so I wouldnt be jumping to the conclusion that your throttle body is faulty yet.

Can you do another log now (just 30 seconds of throttle operation will be enough) and also post a copy of your map.

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Some progress on this one. Took the cover that has the position sensors off from the TB. Noticed that is the same as mk2 Ford Focus 1.6 Ti-VCT TB cover. Switched them over and got right away limp mode and errors on Focus and Caterham trottle worked fine. I wash in a rush so short tests. Focus errors might be due to that I just threw the new cover in there, no calibration. On the Caterham I did calibrations before startup. Ordered a new TB, will report once I got it installed if it cured the problem.




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Sorry I somehow missed your previous post with the Log and Map.

So looking at these I can confirm it is very unlikely a throttle body problem - just about all errors (and the reason the E-throttle is being shut down) is due to the pedal position sensor.  AP tracking error.

I think this is because you have your AP Sub 100% setting set to 50%.  It should be set to 100% for your linear pedal

Your two TP sensors dont follow each other well either so they need to be calibrated, but they arent bad enough to cause the safety shutdown in this log.





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