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LS2 Coil Suppressor


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Hi Guys

I'll be using LS2 D585 Coils with my wip... The manual states to use a 1uF Suppressor, had a search of the forum and there is some confusing information to ignore the suppressor.

If I have to use a Suppressor those in the know would you be able to give me a part suggestion.


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Not sure on your location, but a 1 uF capacitor (1 micro Farad) should be readily available at any electronics hobbyist retailer/ sparky shop, or online with a simple search.. it is wired in with one leg of the capacitor as a splice to the coils main power wire before it splits to power each coil, and the other leg of the capacitor splicing into a ground.

I have LS3 coils running on an xTreme without the suppressing capacitor without issue and may just be lucky, but others have had noise issues... 

If in doubt, I'd add the capacitor as cheap insurance and peace of mind as even if not needed, it will not hurt.

Hope this helps!

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