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Why cant i turn on INJ 7 & 8


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Hi Guys,

Why cant i turn on INJ driver 7 and 8, and also Ignition Drive 7 is assigned to EThrottle Relay 1 and Ignition Drive 8 is Engine Fan 1 which i also cant change.

I have an LS3 V8 so wanting to use Direct injection and ingnition if possible with EThrottle (the reason i bought the Xtreme). 

What do i need to do to get this sorted? I just loaded the sample Xtreme G4+ map and started configuring it how i needed, maybe that is the issue?


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You will need to go live with the ECU and set the cylinder count to 8. If you are then on direct spark and sequential fuel it will force the drives to the correct settings.

In the map you are working on it was form a 6 cylinder application and so those drives were free to be used for other functions.


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