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dead times and short pulse width adder table for bosch 2200cc 0280158821 ?


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If your not making stupid HP and or are tuned for all its got they are OK-ish, very susceptible to fuels with stuff they don't like(even fuels that don't have MTBE or any know bad stuff in them) and sometimes inconsistent on pump E85.

They do all sorts of weird stuff, get 4 new ones and flow them and some will be on spec, some flow less....a lot flow more straight out of the box.

Just about everyone around here was using them, they were cheap and controllable at small openings, been a year or 3 since everyone has ditched them for smaller(they didn't need the size) or Siemen Deka's which are rock solid with any fuel.

Don't the ones you buy in  Raceworks box have a sticker or a little card in them that states "No warranty when used with liquid fuels" ?

They are a un-modified CNG injector, the 220lb Deka's were too but have been updated to work right with liquid fuels.

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I will confirm what oversteer says - they are not great injectors.  There seems to be some type of material inside these that "swells up" when exposed to most liquid fuels, even with normal pump gas and E85 the flow rate drops off quickly over the first couple of days use and continues to drop for sometime after.  They are also prone to sticking shut if you leave them for more than a couple of weeks with fuel in them.  

Most reputable companies that still sell them will have a fairly clear warning or disclaimer on them now.  Fine for a race car if you maintain them but not good for street.

Also beware of the common 1600cc "827" CNG injector - that is also a bad choice.  

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