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Link G1 on a 4age20v BT needs a 4 tooth pickup! not 24 tooth


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Here is an update on getting the Link G1 to run on my 4age 20v blacktop. When I put it on the car it just flooded like there was 20 times to much fuel. When I looked at the cranking speed it was in the thousands and this was not possible. I started to ask those who knew what was up and why this was happening. It turns out that the LinkG1 has a daughter board that bolts off the main board and this has to match the pickup in the distributor. Hence when it is looking for a 4age16v pickup with only 4 teeth and it sees a 20v reluctor wheel with 24 teeth the trigger pulse is 20 times to much per revolution. After talking again to those in the know the options are... 1. Make the 16v distributor fit the 20v engine (big mission!) or 2. Grind 20 teeth off the reluctor wheel and leave 4 teeth at north, south, east and west points and start the first tooth at tdc #1. So off to the wreckers today to get a second hand 20v distributor that I can remove teeth off. (I feel like a dentist). All going well this will take the confusing input signal away from the link and let it kick into life once more. Learned a lot. Hope this helps someone out there. dsc00661_medium_108.jpgdizzy2.jpg

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