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Camshaft Trigger Edge / Sync Mode


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Guys Hi,

I have the following camshaft sensor - Bosch 0 232 103 037 (see datasheet attached).

Please can someone confirm if the trigger edge should be set for rising or falling as I can see in 'Characteristic' on page 1 of the datasheet, it mentions the falling edge accuracy yet the signal output is '0.4V to <Us' which indicates rising trigger event?

Also, am I right in thinking that the sync mode is 'Cam Pulse 1x'? My crankshaft trigger mode is 'multi-tooth/missing' being 60-2.



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That would be "cam pluse 1x"

If it were one tooth that spanned about 1/2 the way around, that would be cam level.

As for rising or falling, I would start with rising.

Once you get to cranking the engine, I would do a scope trace and if the rising edge of the cam signal happens at the same time as crank edge then switch to falling.

With hall sensors it really doesn't matter unless one side is dirty/has some weird shape or happens at the same time as the trigger edge on the crank.

And with the 60-2, the cam pulse cannot occur within the missing tooth or 30deg after it.

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