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fine tuning start

Mark W

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Hi there, i recently got my car dynoed by a decent tuner but the cruise and start still needs finetuning.

Its a wrx with link g4+ v5-6

Havent driven it much yet and its been starting ok but i had to move it the other day to avoid a thunderstorm. I think it barely got out of warm up program.

The next day i went to start it and it wouldnt fire up. It never actually got to idle at all. When i pulled the plugs out, they were a little black and had wet fuel on them.

Since i had the car tuned it has been cold weather and it was probably warmer than usual.

Does this mean the initial crank is too rich? Or should i adjust the post crank enrichment?

What is the best method of working out the start? I read the help file but im a novice and getting my head around it all.

Ive attached the original pclr the tuner created for me.




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