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Mixture Map

Ken Dunkley

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Hey Adam - Im not sure . I thought the quick tune required a period of time to be centered in a particular cell whereas mixturemap takes continuous samples more quickly - is this not the case ? Ill be happy to run around with quicktune enabled if it would do the same thing .

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With quick tune the amount of time in each cell and the center tolerance is configurable, so you could effectively make it instant to do what you are asking for.  However, I dont think this is a good idea and will just quickly make a mess of your map. 

The idea of the mixture map feature is you post process the log file using filters to remove transients, gear changes and most other conditions where Lambda measurement is not accurate or representative - so you are only adjusting your fuel table using "good" data.  You cant really do that "live" as you dont know what data to filter/ignore until after the event has happened.  


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