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Cruise Control buttons for cruise retrofit in older car


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Hi all, 


Im looking at some of the Plug and Play pin functions vs the calibration to determine how to wire and configure cruise control on my car.  In particular I am looking at the 350zLink and how I could apply that type of system to my Toyota with Link Thunder.

The 350z button controls wont work well in my Cressida with the AE86 steering wheel and Im wondering alternatives to the Z parts for a 1 wire hookup to the ECU that could be cleanly implemented with an aftermarket steering wheel.


Beyond that, the configuration for the 350z switches show the voltages for each of the switch positions.  in the 350z is the voltage from a reference or a pullup in the ecu?

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Thanks Brad and Simon.  I will look into those switch units and see how I can incorporate that into my AE86 steering wheel.  Understood on the brake switch.  I will also be using a clutch switch.


My wheel

26640744594_4ee21f6694_b.jpgCressida by HellaFab Fabrication, on Flickr


looking at this photo again, it dawned on me that there was probably an OE cruise control button in this car before I bought it.   will search for that first.

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