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Savage cut at high revs

Josef Legacy

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I run a G1 RSROADQ laptop tuneable link in my 89 RS.  Pretty much an sti spec engine with all the usual supporting mods.  

I hit some sort of cut at high revs 6.5-7k where the car died for a second then continued but with significantly less boost.

The engine still runs fine, no odd noises, just greatly reduced boost (WG pressure only I think)

Have I triggered something in the ECU to cut my boost back or is it more likely that something in the boost solenoid, map sensor, or IC piping has gone astray.  

It's been suggested cambelt may have jumped a tooth and will reset that when I start troubleshooting but it's still running fine   

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That sounds like a hose might have come off. There is no function in the ECU to then reduce boost etc if a limit is hit.

It will just limit when required and when the RPM or MAP (depending on limit hit)  reduces will operate normal

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