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Closed loop lambda


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Hey guys 

I have a weird situation here. When i enable the CLL function (auto mode wideband) at wot the target is 11.5 afr and the CLL is stuck at max clamp and the AFR is 10.8. Why isn't pulling  the fuel back? I played with the gain features without any luck. I wired analog input from AEM Wideband gauge. Lambda avarage is reading lean. 


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I notice in your pic above that "Lambda Average" is reading 16.4AFR so that is why CLL is still adding fuel.  Check that you are on the latest firmware ( as I vaguely remember a bug with Lambda average some time ago.

Also - For Lambda 1 you should actually be logging/displaying "Lambda 1" - in your pic above you are displaying "AN 4 - Lambda 1" which is not the correct parameter to use.

If you are actually already on the latest firmware and are still seeing this unexpected behaviour please attach your map and log so we can take a look why.

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