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trigger sync error


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Car wont start got triggering errors need advice as to why i have this problem engine is a 4efte

Trigger1 is wired to NE 

Trigger 2 is wired to G1

G2 is not wired in to nothing. Shouldn't it be?

G- is wired to sheilded ground on the monsoon i do not know if this is the correct way as this is the first time wiring up a ecu so anyone that has done this please point me where my mistake is.

Engine has spark and fuel all that needs to be done is to set the trigger offset with a timing light and see if it will start but this wont solve triggering errors.

Car runs stock distributor and batch injection.

The 4e-fte has a 24/1 tooth inside Distributor.

for triggering i have it set up as so:


Trigger priority: Trigger 1

Trigger 1 type: reluctor

Trigger 1 filtering: Level 1 (low)

Multi-tooth position: crank

tooth count:24

Trigger 2 type: reluctor

Trigger 2 filtering: Level 1 (low)

Sync Mode: Cam Pulse 1x


For fuelling i have injection rate every 1 engine cycle should i make it 1/2?






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22 hours ago, Simon said:

Multi tooth position should be CAM not crank.

So both trig 1 and 2 are CAM

The set up in the MR2/Celica base maps will be very close.


Thank you Simon changed to cam as you suggested. Triggering error is gone now, but car still wont start. I have both trig 1 & trig 2 signal, no trigger errors. Has fuel & spark. 

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16 minutes ago, Simon said:

That now sounds like base timing if you have fuel and spark then making sure the spark is at the correct time will be next.


I have spark edge set to falling should i set it to rising for this engine? As i see other guys have set it to rising.

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Falling is correct for 95% of applications and should be the case for this one.

Ford and Honda used to use rising spark edge on their igniters.

Generally if you have this incorrect the coil and or igniter will let the smoke out.

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