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Cyclic Idle In ROTARY engine


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Although cyclic idle should be possible with a rotary I dont think it will actually control very well.  This is because with a rotary you are quite restricted in how a limit can be applied.  i.e fuel is injected into a combustion chamber that is still 3 engine cycles away from firing so fuel and ignition cuts need to be staggered and then reintroduced in the correct sequence.  This gives you quite a rudimental cut sequence that cannot be very progressive compared to a typical piston engine.

I would also be very wary of excessive EGT when using antilag on a rotary so it would be highly recommended to fit a EGT device before trying.

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You are correct, I just tested this and Cyclic idle is not possible on a rotary engine.  I assume there is probably a reason this function is disabled for Rotaries but I dont know for sure.  I will see if I can get any further info from the engineering team tomorrow.

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15 hours ago, Adamw said:

Sorry for the slow reply.

We dont allow cyclic idle to be enabled when engine type is "Rotary".  This is because the unique cutting sequence that a rotary requires will not allow cyclic idle to work as intended.

Thank you for the replay. I Understand that the cyclic idle DON'T work's good with 2 rotors..


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