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injector dead time by volts


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l use G4+fury ecu,

the problem l have is dead time cycle on battery volt,  have no charging systeme used. !!!

Dragbike with 2 injector by intake runner.

1- l made a run at 13 volts bike run good on AFR 13.2

2- made another run and battery volt drop to 12.23 AFR look rich  11.5  a setup the fuel again to 13.2 AFR  going to another run battery volt going to 12.45 volt  AFR is good 13.2

3- next run exemple: battery volt going 13.v again AFR going to be very lean again..16.1 at top end ... it`s look the injector dead time table dont work good.  with Variance of volt.

thank you


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Deadtime can make quite a difference to Afr at low rpm where it is a significant proportion of the injector pulsewidth but if you are seeing afr changing at high rpm/load then it is unlikely related to deadtime as it is then a much smaller proportion of total pulsewidth.

You can log actual pulsewidth, effective pulsewidth and deadtime if you want to see what has been applied.  I would also suggest you log fuel pressure.

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what could create this problem , with out fuel systeme:  fuel pressure alway good, injector test check on flow bench all is ok.

Always variation on AFR when volts change. where to look ??  problem is here since installation ... 




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