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How does CAN logging / refresh rate interact?


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I've not played with can bus stuff before, but looking to set something up for sake of interest. 

One thing - ECU is limited to log at 100hz internally, or 40hz when streaming to a connected PC via the cable. 

How does this work with CAN, when logging at maximum data rate? 

If you were only logging a few values, would it potentially go higher than 100hz? 

I'm not sure how the rate of transmitting / receiving the frames relates to the data rate, and whether that potentially means higher than 100hz sending/receiving of frames.



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The logging will still be limited to the 100Hz or 40Hz limit regardless of the data source.

Although the ECU can still receive, process and use the data much faster if it is used for internal calculations - it will only be time stamped and written to the logging memory chip 100 times per sec.   

The maximum rate for transmitting CAN messages out of the ecu (for say an external logger) is limited to 200Hz.



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Ahhh cool thanks! 

Yes that's what I was meaning, if via CAN the ECU could output the data at a greater rate than 100hz to an external item. 

Rather than CAN info coming into ECU.

200hz would be cool for some situations, so I think I'll give it a try. 

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