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wiring for gauges


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I have a link g4+ extreme and am looking to order some defi gauges.


The gauges use a control unit where all the sensor wires input to, and then the gauges are daisy chained off the control unit.




Instead of sharing sensors or having duplicate sensors, I'm wondering if either I can have the g4+ output this information along the daisy chain, in place of the defi control unit.


Or if i do still need the control unit, then I assume I can have the g4+ output the sensor readings into the control unit?


Thank you for your help! Wasn't sure how far I can research without having the gauges sitting in my hand ready to wire up

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You wont be able to do either option easily.

Sending a "simulated sensor" signal out of the ecu would need analog voltage outputs which the Xtreme doesnt have natively.  It could be done using PWM outputs and a RC filter but it is going to be a lot of messing around to get it to work accurately. 

To do the other option you would first need to reverse engineer the communication network that system is using, then built some sort of interface than converts from the ECU CAN or predefined Serial streams to the Defi protocol.

It will be easiest to duplicate the sensors.  They could also be shared but you will need some equipment to verify the calibrations.


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Depending on the model, the newer defi controller unit has the option of receiving information via the defi smart adapter W. The adaptor can either send obd2 information via bluetooth to your smartphone or connect via cable to the control unit sending it the obd2 data.

With that option, you can always connect the sensors to the link ECU, hook up a OBD plug to the CAN output on the ECU and have the smart adaptor relay information from your ECU to the defi control unit and your gauges.

Information on how the system works can be found here:


Not all parameters are supported though. See the table at the bottom of this page to find out what is supported:


This should be the easiest option. 

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