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Rev limit problem on g4+ pnp subaru my99


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Hi , i was tuning a my 99 and when i reached 2.0 bar boost on a gtx35 

the rev limit overshootet it was programmed 7300 rpm but overschoots then didnt cut ever went to 8000 rpm 

before it didnt get to 7300 

settings where on fuelcut and advanced off i tried diffrent settings bit didnt work 

when i put it on ign cut it does limit but on 6800 rpm 

map limit is on 330kpa 

any ideas. 


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Make sure you are on the latest firmware.  There was a fuel cut bug in old firmware versions (<5.6.2) where if your injectors were at 100% dutycycle the fuel cut limiter didnt work.  (If this is the case that means you also need to look at your fuel system...)

If you are on relatively recent firmware then we will need a log to see the cause.  Here is how to do that log:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A


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